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A world of artificial intelligence, generative beyond ours, building on the information that exists, further adding its own learnings to broaden minds in appearance.

Research investigating the different forms and their appearance from the perspective of artificial intelligence as a creator. All artworks are generated via an Artificial Intelligence algorithm Trained as a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) through a feed data set of 2000 influences of conceptual beings.

That said, while the dataset certainly implies an influence over the creation but instead, it is used as just a starting point for the algorithm to take over. The algorithm has a freeform relationship to the dataset (The Freeform process) wherein it generates a sequence of images that over a period of time are amalgamations, as if of a single entity like individual frames of a video, as represented here. This is to assert that the evolution of the form that appears is a dynamic event rather than a static one like a collective conscience. It is a process rather than an outcome. Through training the algorithm over time, these resulting images will resolve more clearly.


artworks generated

a never ending art series

Considering the fact that the creation would be dynamic, it goes to say that the evolution of both form and colour through each timestamp, at each interval of time there is, would render the creation ever-evolving, much like its identity. While it would have identifiable and distinct forms and colours, these would keep morphing into a new other- giving the creation as a whole, a non-identity of sorts, having no single moment of observation in terms of shape, size, gradient and knowledge, the creation itself like its identity, would be always growing.


The algorithm is also removed from any external bias that we as a society associate with forms in terms of shape and colour. It is an unprejudiced artist that attempts to break the boundaries of colour and identities to be able to appreciate the external forms of individual creatures as purely artistic creations.

The question that then arises is what sort of a form would be developed when the artist, here the AI algorithm. Would the creation of life be unbiased? Would the forms that develop have any significance to the human eye? Would such an existence and evolution be comprehensible to us?

The observer here, that is who is viewing this study, may identify and attach these appearances to identifiable instances via their pre-conditioned knowledge. This is inevitable unless one is able to disassociate seeing from thinking.

The game of form as part of the creation of life has been mentioned in Indian mythology as well: 


"Is someone or something playing a game, a game with form? This is what the ancient seers of India asked themselves. They saw the world as lila, a kind of divine game that God is playing. The individual life forms are obviously not very important in the game.” - The Power of Now


Evidently, the dialogue in this study is comparable to the game ‘lila’ mentioned above, stating that the appearance of the individual creations eventually do not have significance. However, the evolution of these appearances could be associated with something more than just the exterior form. Here, they represent a work in "process" with influences within the algorithm that develop naturally much like those that are born against the backdrop of contemporary society.

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